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sddsddean | 20:28 Wed 18th Dec 2019 | Technology
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Don't know what I've done!!

I have got no audio on youtube and some games(simulators). Sound is working fine on music files and game pages on the net, so the hardware is fine. It seems to be anything that is sort of video related. I'm guessing I've accidentally 'hit' a button, but no idea where. Anyone any ideas?


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have you accidentally hit the loudspeaker icon on a tab?
Do you have a control panel for your sound card? If so there will be volume controls for different types of sound.
You don't say which system you are running. W10? If it is 10 have you recently had an upgrade or installed new software? If it is W10 and you cannot remember any recent changes I would go into device manager and either check the audio drivers or install a High Definition Audio Driver.

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1 Already checked for loudspeaker icons and all are on

2 I have got a Realtek High Definition sound card (I think!) and looking through the properties, can't see anywhere you can adjust volumes for different sources. No driver update available either.

3 Running w10. Don't think I have had a recent update. Would I be able to use any Audio Driver and if so, any recommendations?

No expert, one might be along later, but don't see it being hardware related if with some applications you get sound. If you try playing a youtube video is sound showing on or muted?
Think I would have a read through this sddsddean if I had your problem. I still think that the solution lies in the device manager and set up, or drivers needing a refresher.

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You can switch the icon Tony, but audio does not play whether it is showing 'on' or 'off'.
Looked through that Togo, but it says drivers are up to date.

I'm at a loss!!!
Daft one..... have you tried a controlled shut down then a safe reboot? By controlled shutdown I mean close the pc account then a shut down off line. Seen it cure so many weird problems.
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I'll have a go at that tomorrow to bed now!
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Tried a safe reboot and that doesn't work either. I'm stumped!
As you say.....a bit of a strange one. I would at this stage firstly check if it is the same in another browser. If it is ok in another browser I would update the browser that is being used. Then I would have a look at the flash player (if your browser uses it) and perhaps clearing the cache and temporary files.
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A-ha! Youtube sound in IE and Chrome, so has to be something to do with Firefox (what I normally use). Its apparently up to date, but I'll try and find the flash player and clear the cache. Wonder why Train Simulator has no sound though? Perhaps 'cos it runs through Steam which is a web based server? I'll have to have a play around.
Bingo sddsddean. Chrome does not utilise the flash player as it has its own inbuilt system. Don't know about IE(who uses that?) Perhaps you should reinstall Firefox if it is your preferred browser but make sure that any favourites or bookmarks are being shared with Chrome so that you can easily import them to the "new" Firefox install. Personally I have used Edge since it was released and have been running with the, as yet, unreleased Edge Beta as part of the Microsoft insider programme. It is going to be released to the general public on Jan 16th 2020 I think, and it is a really clean and fast browser that has been as yet a pleasure to use.
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OK, so how do I share bookmarks with Chrome? I treid updating the flash player (Adobe) and clearing the cache, but neither made any difference. I think I will drop Mozilla support an e mail and see if they have any bright ideas.
This is possible in your sync settings that are within your microsoft account on the pc or device that you are using. Syn settings lets you share bookmarks between browsers and any other device that you access your microsoft account with. Read this link. I do not recommend that you download anything contained within because I have never done so and cannot verify the content.

Even better depending again on the browser that you are currently using. Click on the favourites/bookmarks star top right (outside the task bar) and have a look at the menu available in "manage favourites/bookmarks. In there you should find an option to import or export favourites/ bookmarks from other browsers. Hard to be specific as different browsers use different terminology even down to calling the saved urls bookmarks or favourites.
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Quick update. Issue still not resolved! Have re installed sound drivers. One interesting thing I found. My Train Simulator comes in 64 bit and 32 bit versions. Sound on the 64 does not work, but it does on the 32! Must be something to do with 64bit in windows 10 as I've got the 64 bit version, but damned if I know what!
Just another silly question. Are you using external speakers? Do you use headphones? If so are they both mute, and have you tried unplugging and seeing if the monitor speaker or laptop speaker works works? Haha must be driving you nuts. Lots of thoughts on this old microsoft forum to read through. P.S. when this is resolved be sure to let us know what it was.
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Update ... sorted it!

I'll just put up the solution in case it helps anyone in the future.
I had checked all the 'normal' mute buttons on the volume sound settings etc and found everything to be switched on, so I thought no problem. I found a page on the web that suggested going to the sound (loudpeaker) icon on the taskbar, right click and select 'open volume mixer'. This will then show the apps that are running and whether they are muted. However, it doesn't show the mute options for non running apps, so I looked at this window whilst Firefox was running and sure enough, the volume was muted. Clicked the mute off and everything works again. I then ran Rail Simulator, minimized it (using the 'window' button on the keyboard) and opened the volume mixer again and there it was muted! Un muted it and everything works again...sorted. Only comment is I have no idea how I muted them in the first place. Must be a hotkey on the keyboard that I don't know about. At least I know how to restore it if it goes wrong again!
That is a strange one for sure. Especially only affecting the one browser. You had me having a nose around in those obscure sounds settings and I now have the "spatial sound" facility on for my head phones. Haha.

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