Yahoo Email Accounts Closing On 15Th December

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MWG14 | 11:05 Mon 09th Dec 2019 | Technology
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I have received an email today telling me that Yahoo email accounts, including mine, will close on 15th December.

Has anyone else received this or is it possibly a scam of some sort?


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Yes I did, Sky email ( mine) is being taken over by Oath ( funny name )
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So what do we have to do?
It’s a bit sketchy tbh, what it’s saying as long as your device is fully updated , it should be a straight transfer
No one e-mailed me that I'm aware of. Maybe I need to look in the spam folder.
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My email landed up in my spam folder, that's why I'm suspicious.
Mine came direct to me
The link above refers to the demise of yahoo groups, but no mention of emails. I've not received anything to my email or my junk, but I will keep a look out.

Who delivers your broadband MWG14?
I have had a TalkTalk email for years and they notified me that unless I pay them £5 per month they are closing my email facility at the end of this month. I will now have to transfer all my folders to another address. Will have to find one that is easy to operate.
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My son-in-law, who is techno savvy, says this is a scam.
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Maydup, I am with BT.
I assume BD that you used to have some package with TalkTalk and don't anymore. I thought it was quite normal when you stop using any provider (BT is another one) that you couldn't go on indefinetely using the @talktalk email.
Yahoo was taken over by Oath months ago.

They are closing Yahoo groups - any groups will no longer be visible to the public.
You can tell when Oath took over. Suddenly you were told you must accept cookies for spying or go to their partners and argue it out with them. Made Yahoo no longer worth visiting.
[email protected],05.....Your son-in-law is right. It's a scam that has been doing the rounds for over a twelvemonth.

Email accounts will still work

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Thank you. I have been trying to ring Yahoo’s helpline, just to make sure, but it is continually engaged.

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Yahoo Email Accounts Closing On 15Th December

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