Problem After Reinstalling Firefox

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Coppit | 08:00 Sat 30th Nov 2019 | Technology
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Almost all as it was, except that after reinstalling uBlock there are some issues. When reading the papers, Guardian keeps taking me to foot of the page. After bringing up the Daily Mail it invites me to turn off the blocker; if I don't, the window is then immovable.


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i have the same problem with ad blocker, it won't show the Mails content, very frustrating.
most ..if not all publications will not be readable with have to turn off for that particular on block icon and mark each site as "safe"
I think the Guardian one is a problem with their site. I'm using Chrome without an adblocker, and it just today started taking me to the bottom of each page.
Ad blocking is an arms race. Sites have ways to thwart some of them.
I use Adblockplus and have no problems beyond the odd message with Firefox.
I just opened F'fox + UBlock Origin, went to "MailOnline" & can't see a single ad & there are no requests to turn the blocker off.

Both MailOnline & the Guardian are working fine across 3 browsers for me.
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Thanks murraymints, but am not quite sure what you mean. With Daily Mail onscreen, when I click on the uBlock icon I'm invited to disable the blocker but nowhere do I see Mark as safe.

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Problem After Reinstalling Firefox

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