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webbo3 | 20:32 Sun 03rd Nov 2019 | Technology
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How do these devices work, im thinking of getting oe for my dad who has dementia to remind him to do things, tell him the day etc, they have internet but do they need anything else?


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they need someone to set it up and to be around when things go wonky, which they do. Reminders need to be set up and power cuts can cause a problem. I would also check that your Dad can cope with a voice from will depend how advanced his dementia is.
Is your dad accustomed to automated voices? If not, I would suggest writing clearly on a calendar instead, or a notebook, or whatever he will relate to most x
Although, in answer to your question, yes, they will do all of that, once someone has set it up for him.
I don’t know anything about them but keep an eye on Amazon as they keep doing sneaky deals on the echo dot - I got one last week for 99p by buying one month’s music subscription for £7.99.
Have you thought of light display boxes which can be programmed to show reminders? Alexa is ok if you ask it the right question.
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Thank you all,
Pixie, he does have a calendar which he writes things down on.

Wolfgang, im not sure how advanced, he can remember things from 30,40,50,60 years ago but if we order a takeaway he forgets what he ordered within 5 mins, we don't live far away but it would be difficult to keep popping down to reset it.

Tyrion, whats a light box?

You can set alarms and reminders on Alexa, for anything you like. But they do need to be actually set x
Perhaps the Silver model:

webbo, that sounds pretty far gone :( Has he had any kind of assessment or input from his doctor?
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hes on medication for it and has someone who visits, he doesn't forget where he lives but im guessing that's repetition, we makesure he writes things down to help him remember, he likes watching the same films over and over and he remembers them....all of the actors, he likes whisky which can be a little problem, he will have a small one and when he finishes it within 10 mins he will have another....because hes forgotten hes had one so my mum has to pour him one watered down.

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