Hard Drive Back-Up Problem.

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derekpara | 09:27 Fri 18th Oct 2019 | Technology
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I've had several attempts at backing up my PC's hard drive on to a 'My Passport' portable hard drive. At about the 75% mark ( long while !) I get the message that the back-up has failed and I should choose other options. This is where I get lost ! There is plenty of space remaining on the Passport.

I have Windows 7, which still works well.

Any help appreciated.



PS Anyone know what's happened to BOO ?


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There are quite a few ways to do a backup, how are you doing yours?
Others are quite simple, some more complex.
All comes down to what you want to save.
format your ex hard drive download this to do your back up it might solve the problem ive use this for years › backup-software › tb-free
Be aware that if you do format your backup drive, you will delete everything already on the drive.
Is there a possibility that one of the files you are trying to back-up is in use at the time? For example, I use a program called Studio to edit my videos; if I try to copy project files to another disc whilst the program is live on my computer the copy fails. If you are trying to copy the whole of your C drive to another drive, that will fail because some of the files are in use by the operating system, so are protected.
Try copying your files to your back-up drive a directory at a time and see where it fails.
Is the back up drive without errors ? Is it large enough ?
Maybe some files have an issue and the existing backup software isn't capable of noting it and continuing backing up the rest.
Following OG's reply, it's probably worth doing a disc check on both the Passport disc and the disc on your computer that you're copying from. If you're not sure how to do one look at this other thread on AB

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Thanks to you all. I'll look at everything and have a go over the weekend ( after the rugby ! )

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Much appreciated, Fender. They all look interesting but would there be a question mark over security ?

derekpara, security ? some of the programs allow encryption if you think you really need it, or you can encrypt single folders if you like.
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Thanks again, F.

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Hard Drive Back-Up Problem.

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