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Bluenoser | 15:04 Sat 19th Nov 2005 | Technology
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After I download a song on the PTP network, I get the whole song ok. The problem is when I try to play it there is no sound at all at any volumn. What's happened here? Is there a way to change the song so it will play? The older songs play ok, just the newer ones don't. Thanks for your input.


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I used to use kazaa just before itunes came out and it was the start of the music industry fight back...

They now put out dud tracks and silent tracks...

Have a look here.

Ah Madonna! She must be whiter than white....

With her authentic eng-er-lish accent and her lacklustre attempts at music!

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Lord give me strength-Madonna??

Maybe the fact that hers doesn't play is a blessing. It's too bad about the real singers tho. How come so much music is on others computers. Can you put a cd on your own computer but cannot transmit it? It's only a matter of time until its beaten.

Most stuff from 'torrent spy' seems to work.
Worth checking out the feedback from users before downloading stuff.
I'm a bit paranoid about anything in rar files though, so I avoid them at the moment, in case there are problems hidden within them.

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No sound at all

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