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long2019 | 12:49 Sun 13th Oct 2019 | Technology
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i had a very slow pc got fibre now things a downloading a lot faster from 3.6 mbpsto to 37 mbps


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In my opinion anything over 25 Mbps should allow you to do everything you will need from the Internet.

With 37 Mbps, I doubt that you would tell the difference if it were double that speed.

just checked mine, using wireless

Response time 13 ms
Download 70 Mbps
Upload 17 Mbps

plenty quick enough for my needs on BT
just using normal hard wired BT cable.
Hi Tony......I'm guessing that you have BT Superfast Fibre 2 whereas I have Normal Superfast with a regular download speed of 46 plus.

How much a month is it costing you?. I have only last week renewed my contract for a further 18 months at £33.98 a month. The package includes Line Rental and Unlimited Anytime Telephone Calls.

I get 100 Mbps with Virgin. Been with them years and always haggle to get a good deal, which is just as well as I don't have a BT landline :)
No hans just a normal cable link but am close to distribution box. With phone unlimited calls and my partners mobile and broadband it's £35 per month.
You've got a good deal there.

yes hans my negotiating skills and just telling them I am going to change provider.
i'm on 14mbs quick enough and very reliable for me .i don't do gaming
£197.88 for 12 months

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Slow Pc

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