what or who's number is it

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manutdstott | 17:16 Fri 18th Nov 2005 | Technology
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my nephew keeps getting missed calls he's only young, every time we ring back we cant get through to someone, the number 02082040170 does not seem like an ordinary mobile number is there anyway of finding out who or what the company or person may be... many thanx


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it is a london landline number. the easiest way to deal with unwanted calls is to contact your mobile phone company, explain the situation and ask them to bar the number. Hope this helps!

If he has a digital phone (on his land line) he can now get caller display free-of-charge, therefore not answer 020820... when it rings.

Who ever calls back to a missed call - especially if you dont recognise the number - that's asking for trouble!!!

It's almost certainly some type of sales call. Your nephew has probably put his phone number on some sort of form (probably something like a 'free draw' promotion) and there's now a company trying to contact him to offer him a 'wonderful' new phone package or something similar.

The call will be dialled atomatically by a computer. If the call is answered, either the computer plays a message or a call centre operator takes over the call. If the call goes unanswered, the computer just places the number in a list to be dialled again later.

Because the company has many lines, not all of their lines are in use at any one time so, when you ring back, you hear a ringing tone. There's not actually a phone ringing in an office but just a computer registering the fact that the call has been returned (which confirms that the mobile number is actively in use). This means that the computer is now aware that someone is using the phone and therefore increases the chances of another call from the company in the near future.

These calls are like spam. (Some people I know sometimes get more than 10 in an hour. These are usually young people who've participated in various advertising promotions).

Tell your nephew to ignore the calls. Anyone who really wants to contact him will either leave a message or send a text.


PS: At least the calls don't seem to come from one of the really cheeky (and annoying) companies. These firms set their computer to dial a mobile number but only for long enough for the phone to ring twice. The owner of the phone can't usually get to the phone fast enough to answer it, so the unanswered call doesn't cost the firm anything. The unwary owner of the phone then returns the call (possibly to a premium rate number) so that he ends up paying to listen to an advertising message!
PPS: Although I suggested that your nephew may have given his phone number as part of some sort of promotional activity by a firm, this doesn't have to be the case. It's possible that the computer making the calls is just trying thousands of different numbers.

PPPS: It would probably be a good idea to register your nephew's mobile number with the Telephone Preference Service. This should stop most advertising calls:


I have had a call from the same number (02082040170).

I have found out that it is located on Horseferry Rd near Marsham St in London, but I can not find the name of the company.


I have recived a missed call from the same number (02082040170).

I have traced it to somewhere on th Horseferry Rd near Marsham St in London, but I can not find the name of the company.

Can any one help?

I have received about four calls from this number in the past few days every time I answer they/it hang up. It is quite annoying and would love to know who/what it is. I know Channel 4 are the same address mentioned, I doubt they would be responsible however... have any of you had entered one of their text/phone competitions on a TV programme. - I did!

This is a reply from another site to the same number, basically looks like a company wanting you to switch mobile phone provider......................................................

Hello folks

for the past month or so i have been gettin calls from this company
offering deals on the 3 network... at first it started on my p&g voda
mobile..each time ive told them to stop calling my number, take me off
thier database and leave me the hell alone, last call i had was
yesterday, on my voda mobile.
today they are now ringing my o2 contract phone.. i told them again to
leave me alone, im feeling quite harrased as its every flippin day!

ive had both my numbers in excess of 5 yrs, dont put them anywhere on
the net, and are both x directory.

i know its them calling as thier number comes up, 02082040170, so im
prepared and ask is this loopy mobile, im sure many of you will say
well just dont answer it.. well believe me ive done just that, only to
get calls almost every hour from them!

does anyone have a address, or email or head office information for
this company? or who to contact to make a strong complaint to.



I have been getting calls from this number at least once a day. It seems to have built up in frequency over the last month or so.

I always ignore calls either from unknown numbers or numbers I don't recognise but this is getting stupid. I tried calling this number from a landline to find out who kept calling me but when calling back this number is constantly engaged.

Having seen that these people are pestering for a living I will make sure I answer the next time they ring to get their company name and make a complaint. My mobile number is kept private and this is not on!

OK. The company in question is called Loopy Mobile. I have spoken to someone today and he admitted that it is a call centre in India and they have an 0208 mask. Should you wish to contact them, their details are as follows:

Please feel free to contact us about any aspects of our website or service.

Please note: this is not the address for returns. You will need to call 0871 2 26 24 23 to arrange a return.

Mocom (Trading) Ltd.
Milennium House
Fox Covert Lane
South Yorkshire
DN10 4ER

T: 0871 2 26 24 23
F: 0870 774 9141

Visit them at


I have had exactly the same problem. This same number keeps phoning me several times a day, so I typed it on google and it brought me to this page. Im glad to know im not the only one! I went on their website and tried to send them a message, for them to stop hastling me, but when i click send it says 'error', so they've probably done it on purpose so that no one can get through!

I hope this stops soon. If anyone else has any luck contacting them, please let us know so we can do the same! Thanks

I have just called this Company and requested they stop calling me. I gave my name and the phone number they are calling me on (my mobile number). Hopefully they'll leave me alone now... fingers crossed!


Yeah started having the same about a week ago..

Up to 5 times a day!

Called Loopy Mobiles but refused to give my address and told them if it didnt stop I would take further action as this was harrassment!

I dont think i can help you, but i have just had a missed call from 02082040170 as well, and i tried to call it back from a landline, and it keeps being engaged! I called 118500 (Directory Enquires) , and they advised me that they couldn't give me an address, as it's against the law, but it's in Kingsbury, London. Can anyone help me out?

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