Usb Flash Drive Temporary Disk Space For Windows 10 Update?

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cloggs | 16:04 Mon 16th Sep 2019 | Technology
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The first time I tried the Windows 10 Update app the “insufficient disk space” message came with the invitation to specify a different drive to temporarily gain more disk space, this I am certain about. However, I did not respond at the time because it so surprised me. The invitation no longer appears now-a-days, but over time I have seen references to it in various blogs.

Is there any way I can use a usb flash drive to temporarily provide more disk space for the Windows Update app process?


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Well you can transfer all personal documents, music, photos etc to a pen drive but windows needs so much it may not be enough. Maybe you need to restore back to the original state- it worked for me.

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Usb Flash Drive Temporary Disk Space For Windows 10 Update?

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