Phone Hijacked By Advets!!

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countrykid | 14:34 Thu 12th Sep 2019 | Technology
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I realise apps that are free often contain in-app purchases, adverts or both, but until now any adverts have simply been a discreet line or two at the bottom of the screen. That all changed when I downloaded an app that somehow has enabled my phone to be "taken over" by random 30 second adverts. I can be on a phone call, texting, or worse using a meditation app and out of the blue an advert comes on, which often is promoting another app to download, which is advertising "how to win the lottery"app or some other gambling/game type app. The name at the bottom of most ads in "unityads". Ive googled this problem but haven't found a solution. I removed the original app byt whatever generates the adverts seems to be embedded in my phone. Any help greatly appreciated as its driving me mad!!


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What phone do you have?
Install and run Malwarebytes for Android (assuming that it's an Android phone, of course!):
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My phone is Android - a Motorola G5S. Thanks for the link Buenchico. I have downloaded Malwarebytes for Android and done a full scan which took about 15 minutes and found no malware.
I don't know what else I can do. Would it be any use to go into settings>storage>apps to perhaps clear cache? There is also the option to "clear data" but I'm not sure what it gets rid of!! For instance for Google the clear cache figure is 668MB and clear data is 461MB. I have it in my mind that clearing data means getting rid of photos - which I wouldn't want to do. Any further help appreciated.
if you buy the paid for version off an app, adverts are taken out
android apps are cheap anyway, £1 or two, free does not mean free!
i never use the free version, adverts like you mentioned.
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Thanks for that useful link Buenchico. Ill see how far I get with the suggestions it includes.

Fender62, I totally agree with what you say if you wish to avoid adverts. Until now thought, adverts on free apps I've downloaded have been quite subtle. However, in regard to this app I'm pretty certain there was no paid for option. For now it seems I'm stuck with these over the top video ads but tomorrow I'll check out the suggestions in the link. I'll update on here after that.
Why dont you just back up your photos, contacts, whatssap etc. .. and then do a factory reset.
what app is it
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Fender62 - The app is of a personal nature (nothing x rated!!!!) so I prefer not to say what it is, but I now have my doubts it was that app as I've just looked at the feedback for it, and nobody has given it bad feedback or commented on this adverts problem. I've been out all day and am now about to look at the info in Buenchicos link. Fingers crossed
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Update: for whatever reason the annoying adverts are now much less frequent. Not sure if this is down to anything I've tried (malwarebytes scan?)

With regards the suggestion in buenchicos link, I need some tech help. To delete the ads it says "Go to the photos app, and delete all folders named unityadscache. Also to "manually go to your file explorer and search unityadscache".

Firstly, I've gone into apps and clicked on Google photos but can't see where I find folders?
Secondly, how do I go into "File Explorer" to be able to search for unityadscache?

Regarding alavahalf suggestion to do a factory reset, photos are set to auto back up to Google photos, SMS messages are also auto backed up and likewise WhatsApp as far as I know. How do I double check/manually do a back up and do I need to back anything else up, and if so how/where to. To be honest, I'm nervous about doing a reset.

I wish I could grasp this sort of thing quicker!!
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The adverts have not occurred at all in last 24 hours. Just wanted to give final update

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Phone Hijacked By Advets!!

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