Linking Hotmail Accounts

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RATTER15 | 15:44 Wed 11th Sep 2019 | Technology
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Ok, I have a hotmail e mail account but now I need to link a second account so I can see both accounts at a glance, ive done it before but now I can do it!! Ive set up the second account as an alias but cant access it though my original account.


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I won't say what I think of Hotmail/Outlook because AB doesn't permit the sort of language I'd like to use!

Start here
and scroll down to "Method 1: Use a Connected Account".
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I just tried that and I still couldn't do it. What email provider would you recommend chris if I were to change? I will want one that isnt connected to my broadband provider. Any tips?
I always recommend (and, of course, use myself) GMX. It's run by one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world (Ionos, formerly 1&1), so it's got a decent pedigree and isn't likely to suddenly disappear like some small email services might do.

Opening an account with GMX is simplicity itself. Once you've done so, you can use the 'Mail Collector' facility to get mail sent to your Hotmail/Outlook accounts automatically forwarded to your GMX account, so that you'll only need to log into one provider. (By default mail sent to each of those accounts will go into their own folders in GMX. However, if you want to, you can go into the settings and change things, so that all of your incoming mail goes straight into your main inbox).
PS: GMX also allows you to add up to 10 aliases to each account. Mail sent to an alias address automatically goes into your main inbox, without any need to configure any settings.
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Thanks chris, it worked a gem!!
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Linking Hotmail Accounts

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