Open And Read .spbm File

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THELOONYCORBYN | 19:17 Sun 08th Sep 2019 | Technology
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Old Samsung Galaxy 6 stored contacts in a file with a proprietary .spbm suffix (i know theres .spb, spbc and probably other from different models of the galaxy range.
Have tried various versions of Kies to open the file backup, changed the file suffix but no matter what I cant access this file.

Found nothing online that works for this a new phone, a google Pixel and as always the ambiguous sync process does what it wants and not what I think it might be doing , lost a load of contacts and now i have nothing but google contacts...
Wish I hadnt sold the old Galaxy S6, nobody I know has an old or current one i can use...

anybody have any ideas ?...may have to buy an old 2nd hand Galaxy as a last resort, dont even need a working screen as I can connect it to my laptop to read the data


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I'm surprised that Kies won't open the file (so that, for example, you could then convert it to a VCF file).

Have you tried copying it to your PC and opening it with Notepad? It's amazing what Notepad will open (even if you do need to rummage around a bit within what you see in order to find what's important to you).

Some web sources suggest that spreadsheet software, such as Excel or OpenOffice Calc might also be able to access the data. (I've had spreadsheet files that Excel refused to have anything to do with but Calc opened with no problems).
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Tried 4 different versions of Kies...nada
Notepad and ++ doesnt show anything thats useable
OOCalc , same as notepad
Changed file ext to all sorts of things...nada
Have even tried from different copies of the phone backup in case one was corrupt...nada

Oh well, thanks for trying...will have to grab a 2nd hand cheap S6

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Open And Read .spbm File

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