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trixilator | 10:20 Sun 08th Sep 2019 | Technology
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Are there any statistics covering the most popular laptops £700/800 on the market?


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A few weeks ago I was given some great advice from Buenchico on here, he advised me to go down the reburbished route regarding buying a laptop.
I bought the one suggested by him and it has proved to be a bargain, may I suggest that you look on the site. Good luck.
You need to decide what you want the laptop editing...gaming...general office type work.......combo of them all etc etc...

do you need fast refresh, do you need high % rgb gamut coverage, do you need fast video rendering etc etc...
stats mean nothing unless you know what the people that bought the laptops wanted them for and how the stats were arrived at...

you could spend £1500, for a speed king but find out the screen is garbage for photo editing and color accuracy, but chomps through large spreadsheets where the color accuracy is pretty much irrelevant.
Need reviews that go into detail of what the machines specs are good/not good for.....
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