Adware On Android Browser

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David H | 17:14 Wed 28th Aug 2019 | Technology
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I have been getting full screen pop up ads on my Android phone using its own browser. It does it when it's turned on and a few times during the day. Unlike Windows I can't check the programs and registry to remove it, and ran AVG which ignores it as well. The only other time this happened I had to do factory reset and lost all my material.and don't want to have to do it again. Is there a solution?


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I got the ad blocker, AVG and Malwarebytes (which found nothing) but it's still happening. It's impossible to get in the registry on Android so I can't find and remove anything directly.
you say the phones own browser, is it chrome or google browser ?, as you can have as many as you like, you can also uninstall an app you do not want, or freeze it with titanium back app, but some are so integrated they effect other apps, dolphin browser is good as is firefox
try out a few to find one you like, uninstall you you do not like them.
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It's the dedicated Samsung browser, just called internet. I just checked their website and it turns out something nasty is now bundled in with the Peel Remote program so none of the usual fixes have any effect on it. I have now altered it and will see whether it's worked. It puts ads up at regular intervals and isn't affected by ad blockers or anti malware programs.
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I can confirm it was the Peel Smart Remote update which I rolled back and now it's stopped.

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Adware On Android Browser

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