Help Please! Zanussi Washer Dryer

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islasmum | 11:12 Wed 28th Aug 2019 | Technology
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Hi - I'm staying in someone's house and they have a Zanussi washer/dryer.
It appears to have finished its cycle and has bleeped several times, and 0 is flashing in the display. I've turned the programme selector back to the top, but the door doesn't open. I know it's not broken as the owner of the house took out the washing earlier to see if it was dry, and it wasn't, so she put it on to spin again. What haven't I done? Theres no details on the machine so I don't know what model it is, and have looked up Zanussi manuals for washer/dryers, but they weren't helpful. Any help gratefully received!!


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Is there a 'drain' button ? If so run that and then try to open the door again.
This video may help
Try giving the door handle a good sharp thump with the side of your fist - should work (it did for me recently). If not, there's another solution....
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Thank you all for your answers - I've now discovered that it doesn't release immediately! You have to leave it for a few minutes after the cycle is finished. Well, you live and learn! Thank you all again.

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Help Please! Zanussi Washer Dryer

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