Shattered Glass Drinking Glasses

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AndiFlatland | 19:21 Fri 16th Aug 2019 | Technology
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Many years ago - 70s/80s probably - my parents had a set of tall drinking glasses which looked like they were made of shattered glass. Yet they seemed as sturdy as any other glass vessel, and I never knew one of them to break. They were always a great talking point at family and friends parties.
I've looked everywhere I can think of to find these glasses, but nothing comes up on Google, Amazon, e-Bay, etc that looks remotely similar. If it's still possible to buy these great items, I really would like to get a set.
Anybody know what they're called, what the process is that enables the glass to look shattered, and where I might look to find them?


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Would it not be a crackle glaze? User Recommendation
They sound very much like crystal Hi-Ball glasses. I was fortunate to inherit my FIL's entire collection of Lead Crystal glasses. It included 6 glasses as you describe . We already had two slightly larger ones in our set which we had for ages. Am sipping a G&T from one as I type. I believe my mother bought them from Argos. We have had them for years which is testament to my dishwashing incompetence and cack handedness. :-)
I've see large vases on sale that had the cracked effect. I could feel the cracks on the surface so I had my doubts about their safety.

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Shattered Glass Drinking Glasses

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