Getting Rid Of Emails From Various Sources

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bigbas | 14:27 Mon 12th Aug 2019 | Technology
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I have Gmail How do I stop emails from sources that I dont want?


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Unfamiliar with gmail, but look on a tools menu to see if you can create a rule to move e-mail from specifed senders directly to the trash.
why not go into gmail, and mark the one you do not want as spam
then they will go into junk mail automatically
Select the emails by the tick box to the left, then go to the icons at the top of the list and click on the 'report spam' icon (the octagon with the exclamation mark).
After that those senders emails should go directly to spam.

Alternatively you could unsubscribe from an email if they are from businesses, usually an option at the bottom of their email (often in teeny writing though!)

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Getting Rid Of Emails From Various Sources

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