Looking For An Android App

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THELOONYCORBYN | 17:29 Sun 04th Aug 2019 | Technology
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Just got a Pixel 3a...stunningly good phone but I overlooked one thing..

My old Galaxy had a notification LED on the front, different colors for different apps, and as I need to keep the phone on silent a lot and also on lock screen mode but also need to know when i have incoming messages , emails, calls etc this LED was extremely handy.

Pixel 3a has no LED...didnt realise most phones dont....Only choice the 3a gives is to either show the notifications or not show on lock screen.....thats no good as others can read the message and see who theyre from etc.

anybody know of an app that would put a notification icon or whatever on the lock screen ...even if its only a flashing dot or something to let me know i have messages etc


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What version of Android do you have? This could be useful if you O or later
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its v9 Pie ...
When i said lock screen, i meant the sleep screen, which is black with just a digital clock showing, be handy to see something appear there, just an icon of sorts, but def no preview of the message/email etc
Been looking in the Play store and on google but not found anything, maybe because im not even sure how to describe it...
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what I need is a notification of incoming messages or texts etc to show and stay on the "sleep" screen, but not showing any preview whatsoever of the message/email etc.
doesnt have to show what app its from or how many etc, just the fact there is incoming
think that makes more sense !..

It might be worth trying this, but if you don't want it to show content, I think you'd need the paid for version
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Brill...d/loaded and will test out...dont mind paying if it works...

Also found one called Glimpse Notifications which seems to work ok so far...good to have a choice

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Looking For An Android App

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