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long2019 | 15:00 Thu 11th Jul 2019 | Technology
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got a new wifi hub to day
can connect with yellow cable
when i try to put in network key and password does not work
using w7 chrome
thank u


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Hi henry (I assume you have changed username again),
What do you mean by 'can connect with yellow cable'- do you mean your internet access does work with the yellow cable in?
Question Author
my internet connection with yellow cable is ok
i try to put in my new router network name and password does not work tank u
Colours don't make a difference as far as I am aware. I've used yellow, red, green, white, black...

Sure you are entering the correct password ? Routers may have different ones for connection and for management screen access.
New router, old password. What's it say on the router label ? Use that.
Question Author
i have tried to use whats on the label a few times
as i said does not work thanks again
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on the label it says wifi network
wifi password
Use the WiFi password.
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sharon where do i find that please
What type of router/hub is it?

BT/EE have a pull out tab with the password on it.

NowTV (and presumably Sky, as they are the same company) provide it on a card in the box it came in.
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its a talktalk hub
I have a talk talk hub and you should have been given a small square plastic thing with the info on it.
its also on the back of the router
You might also have to push a button on the hub - the button puts the hub into registration mode which is the only time it will accept the password.

Remember the password must be entered exactly as it is written - it is case sensitive.
"on the label it says wifi network and wifi password

Use the WiFi password.

sharon where do i find that please"

Possibly on the label ? But you said you'd tried it.
The WPS button is on the back

Without pressing that button the hub won't accept the password.
1) Are there any lights on the hub which would indicate whether it's connected to the internet?

2) The wifi password almost certainly WON'T be the same as the one needed to log in to the router to administer it.

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