Firefox And Ancestry

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Coppit | 14:16 Tue 11th Jun 2019 | Technology
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Recently I have been able to edit only some people's profiles in my family tree. Ancestry tell me that there may be problem following recent updates to some browsers and I should try another one. Mine is Firefox and apart from not knowing how to make a change, I feel it is up to Ancestry to fix the problem due to the fact that sometimes their system works sometimes not. Is that reasonable?


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Depends on what the problem is as to who needs to fix it.

Just download other browsers and use them as you are the one you use now.
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Thanks Old Geezer. Please suggest one, and do I have to remove Firefox?
As I posted on one of your other threads, clearing your browsers cache might be all that you need to do:

I also use Firefox but I find Vivaldi is a useful backup, so perhaps you might like to give it a go too?
PS You can have as many browsers as you like on your computer. As well as Internet Explorer (which comes with Windows 7), I've got Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, Pale Moon and Avant.
and when Chris has them all open at the same time he can get them to harmonise beautifully on playing the different instruments in The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
I use FF and Ancestry and havent encountered any problems - is your FF fully up to date.
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Thanks for all your replies. FF updated this am. Will install another browser.

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Firefox And Ancestry

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