Installing A Laserjet Printer

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chokkie | 07:49 Mon 10th Jun 2019 | Technology
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Hi folks, had to replace our laserjet printer this week .... so we're trying to install the new printer (Brother HL 1212W) so it will work wirelessly with our Dell desktop computer. Having several problems ... Firstly ... we can't seem to get it to install wirelessly, we can only use it with the cable connected. Secondly, even when the cable is plugged in to the printer and the computer, it will only print Word documents - it won't print anything like emails or email attachments ... So, in short, it's a real pain and we would really like to get this sorted so (a) it will work wirelessly and (b) we can print anything (word documents and emails and attachments, etc.) Would appreciate a bit of help, please. Many thanks, Chox.


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Submitted too early!!

Make sure you've installed the last drivers etc from Brother. Ensure you select the correct O/S before downloading and installing.
'last' should be 'latest'
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many thanks folks, have got to go out soon, but will have a go later. ?Thanks again, Chox.
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Many thanks for all your help with my printer issue yesterday - Mr. Chox managed to get it (nearly) all sorted yesterday evening, after several attempts at getting it to print wirelessly. The printer is upstairs, so we think that the problem arose because of the weaker signal which we get upstairs. He had no problem at all installing the printer wirelessly for his downstairs laptop ... Anyway, one problem remains ... with the desktop upstairs. It prints wirelessly, but only Word documents - it just will not print emails. The only solution we have come up with is to copy and paste the text of an email to a Word document, and print it from there. I know it's not a big deal to do this, but wondered if there is a way in which we can persuade the new printer to print emails straight away .... any ideas folks? Cheers, Chox.

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Installing A Laserjet Printer

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