Can't Get New Email Address On Ipad Mini

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smurfchops | 21:01 Fri 07th Jun 2019 | Technology
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Just opened a new email address with aol, works fine on phone but won't accept new ID/password in settings>new email account on my iPad mini. I have entered the same email address and password. Do I have to do something else on iPad for this new email address to work? It shows up under emails as a new email address on iPad but no emails are coming through. Emails coming through on phone. Thanks all.


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Start again. i.e. delete the account on your iPad and then create it again. (It's amazing how often that works!)
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Thanks Chris ... Didn't work! What exactly do I put in Settings under my new account? There are a few boxes I don't know whether I am supposed to change. I have put my new email address and password but there are some other boxes further down the page. BT is my main server. Thanks.
The AOL website points to this link on the Apple site for iPad users:

The type of account should be set to 'IMAP', with the incoming mail server set to ''. (If you're required to give a port number, it's 993, with 'SSL' encryption enabled).

The outgoing mail server should be set to ''. (If you're required to give the port number, it's 465, with 'SSL' encryption enabled).

Some email providers require you to only enter the bit before the @ symbol as your username, whereas others require you to enter your whole email address. I think that AOL falls into the latter category but you might need to try both ways of ding it.

BTW, I wouldn't touch AOL email with an infinite number of the proverbial bargepoles. Thee are far, far better alternatives, including Gmail and my own preferred service, GMX:

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Thanks Chris. I haven't attempted this yet as I am not technical at all. As you say you wouldn't touch aol, is there an easier server I could download on the iPad ??
Ipad supports all IMAP email services, like AOL, Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail and many other email services. If you are facing issues while login AOL mail in Ipad, you can Log In to iPad manually.

1. Open the Mail App
2. Now click on Add Account
3. Here you can see many email services Icon but you have to click on AOL mail Icon
4. Now click on Add Mail Account
5. Now Enter your AOL Email ID and Password
6. Now you are all set to use your AOL mail Id.

If this method doesn't work, you can visit the AOL contact page where you can get in touch with AOL Customer Service Expert via Live Chat Support. If you are a gold member of AOL mail you can directly talk to AOL experts via calling by phone.
For more information click here:

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Can't Get New Email Address On Ipad Mini

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