Access Violation Notice On My Computer

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genie123 | 16:29 Fri 07th Jun 2019 | Technology
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When I turn on my computer I get the following message

"Access violation at address 04475019. Read of address 0000000C."

I click OK and it disappears and doesn't appear to cause any sort of problem. Anybody know what it means and is it a problem but I'm just ignoring it. Thanks


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try this ttps://
Tommy's link seems o have lost the 'h' at the start of it, rendering it 'unclickable'. Here's a version you can click on:

An access violation occurs when one program tries to access a location on your hard drive which is already reserved for another program. The cause can sometimes be redundant information within a Temp folder. It might be worth downloading, and then running, the free version of CCleaner (ensuring that it's configured to delete temporary files) to see if it will cure the problem:
i thank you sir
I think I'd run a memory check programme to see if it's ok, were I you.

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Access Violation Notice On My Computer

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