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dollymay | 16:32 Thu 06th Jun 2019 | Technology
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Several times in the last few weeks, a window has interrupted whatever I have been working on to say my Windows needs updating or my files will all be removed (plus a loud piercing noise), and a countdown of seconds. This message has some grammatical mistakes. I have simply closed the window, and another comes up saying 'Windows 10 PC Repair' inviting me to download a Repair Utility update to eliminate potential threats. I have closed down these windows and then have to close everything down to stop them reappearing, then after restart everything is OK. I assume this is a scam of some kind, but it is a bit scary. How can I stop this reoccurring. I pay for Norton protection. Help please!


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Run an anti-malware scan.

If you've already got the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on you computer, run that. (I hesitate to recommend downloading it to people who've not already got it, as it comes with a free trial of the premium version, which seems to slow some computers to a crawl). Otherwise try AdwCleaner (which is also from Malwarebytes):
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How can I tell if I have the Malware Bytes A-M on my computer already? I downloaded AdwCleaner on your advice recently, for another problem (thanks), but cant find a list of whats on my computer, is it under Settings or??. Thanks for your help.
AdwCleaner doesn't have an update facility, so you need to download it afresh whenever you want to use it.

If you've got Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on your computer, there will be a folder with that name when you go to Start > All Programs.

If you've not got MBAM on your computer but you'd like to have it (to save you having to download AdwCleaner each time), you can get it from here:

If you then find that the included trial of the premium version is slowing your computer (or if you're simply concerned that it might do so) you can disable the trial product by following the instructions here:
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Thanks for all your help!
On the off chance that your establishment of Windows 10 is misbehaving or making trouble, it is conceivable to play out a reinstallation of Windows 10 that keeps your records, archives, information, settings, and applications unblemished. Reinstalling Windows 10 does not arrange your PC, and can be utilized to address issues with missing DLL mistakes, fizzled SFC filters, begin menu doesn't work, and that's just the beginning.

Windows 10 fix introduces make it conceivable to fix your PC without falling back on a configuration out of the blue since Windows XP.

Fix Installing Windows 10

Start the fix establishment process by embeddings the Windows 10 DVD or USB into your PC. In the event that you have a Windows 10 ISO picture, double tap the ISO picture to mount it as a virtual DVD.

Whenever provoked, run "setup.exe" from your removable drive to start setup; in case you're not incited, physically peruse to your DVD or USB drive and double tap on setup.exe to begin.

Windows 10 Setup will begin with the "Get significant updates" discourse. We suggest choosing "Download and introduce refreshes" on this page:

Windows 10 will experience a progression of prompts as it prepares for setup or reinstalls, essentially navigate as is fitting on each page until you achieve the last (and most significant) page in the setup wizard:

The last and most significant page in the Windows 10 fix establishment procedure is the page that says "Pick what to keep." On this page, you should choose the main radio catch, has appeared in the picture underneath. Make a point to choose "Keep individual records, applications, and Windows settings" chose and afterward press "Next" to start the fix introduce:

Your PC will naturally reboot a few times as the framework picture is revived without losing your introduced applications or changing your personalizations. Your records will stay flawless and your information will be sheltered.
If all the things suggested dont work try Norton Power Eraser its free - there are 2 versions run the boot version second if needed.
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Thank everyone! All seems OK now.

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