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jennyjoan | 14:51 Fri 31st May 2019 | Technology
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Am using firefox and am finding it more and more slower. Contacted BT re speed of broadband and they say it is ok.

Anybody advise on a quicker browser. Am using IE for emails, google chrome for facebook, and firefox for all my other sites.


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Why not just use Google Chrome for everything?
Question Author
thanks Danny - I'm on google chrome right now and do find them all relatively slow. I may give this google chrome a go for a while.
are you sure it's not the whole computer that's slowing down?

It takes me longer just to call up a game of solitaire than it used to.
Question Author
probably jno - can I quicken the computer in any way
I find that most browsers, including Firefox, seem to need periodically restarting if they're not to start slowing down. While I still regard Firefox as my preferred browser, I'm using Vivaldi more and more these days, precisely because it doesn't seem to suffer from the problems which annoy both you and I. (I'm using it right now to type this).

So worth a try, perhaps?
PS: You can help Firefox work more smoothly by periodically minimising the amount of memory it's using:

Open a new tab and type 'about:memory' into the address bar.
Hit 'Enter'.
Click on 'Minimize Memory Usage'
Right-click on the tab and select 'Pin tab', so that the tab is 'parked' on the left of your screen.
Periodically (perhaps once per hour) return to that tab and click on 'Minimze Memory Usage' again.
Firefox then runs rather more sweetly.
Question Author
thanks Chris - before your answer I googled how to quicken the computer and one of the suggestions - do you have many programmes opened up - you know I had 20 opened up so closed them all down (maybe that'll quicken it up) but will give Vivaldi a go. Do sometimes think it is more slower actually getting into Answerbank.
Question Author
right Chris - printed out your instructions -

clicked on to minimise memory Usage
but when I right click on that tab no "pin tab" comes up - now I am right clicking on the "minimise memory usage" am I doing something wrong
Question Author
Chris - after clicking onto that mmu - computer seems to have quickened up a bit more. Thanks

Even tho I didn't get the pin-up thing - every now and again will go into mmu and quicken it up that way.
With the greatest respect if you are running 3 browsers is your hard disk relatively full as this always slows things down. I find Firefox amongst the quickest browsers without any special tricks.
Question Author
thanks Crap - you're probably right - I may try and use the one browser and delete the others. that'll probably help.
When I wrote 'right-click on the tab' I should,perhaps, have written 'right-click on the tab header'. (i.e. on the 'label' bit, at the top of the page, not within the page area). I suspect that's where you're going wrong.

(It's not essential to pin the tab anyway. It just makes it easier to get back to 'about:memory' later on).
also are you using the unmentionable? that can speed it up!
Question Author
I am using the unmentionable cos I am a bad girl. ok Chris will have a wee go at that suggestion. but it has deffo quickened up - like I was beginning to sweam and sweam LOL
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right Crap and Chris - have deleted the google chrome and when I went onto delete - my my my there are loads of programmes I certainly don't use but am afraid to delete in case I do need them somehow.
Having a few extra programs on your computer shouldn't slow it down to any great extent (if at all) if you're not actually running them. There was a time when hard drive space was at a premium and it made sense to keep as much of it free as possible by removing unwanted software but it's not really necessary these days.
Something seriously wrong with the programme/operating system if memory addresses no longer used aren't automatically released for reuse.
Our laptop was very slow and BT suggested using an Ethernet cable connection instead of Wifi. It works a treat!
BT routers not up to maintaining WiFi connections properly that they advise to switch to a wired connection, then.
have u got the latest bthub6 installed, with superfast fibre optics

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