Internet Explorer Or Is It Google "downloader"?

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zingo1327 | 13:43 Fri 17th May 2019 | Technology
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I could kick myself for not knowing the answer to this.A guy in the pub had his laptop open and asked me how to download a couple of picture files he wanted from a google site he had opened.I opened internet explorer/google and clicked on the file and selected download.Nothing happened. I've used vuse for the past 15 years or so and can't remember what app internet explorer or is it google uses when downloading and where it is hiding on the computer.He was using windows 10


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It's much simpler than that. Just right click on the image and do 'same image as'
sorry 'save image as'
zac is correct, right click save image as, sometimes you get jpg or png
look for the same image as a jpeg jpg similar.
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hi guys. Maybe I'm not explaining the problem properly.When you load a fresh installation of Windows on a computer and click on internet explorer,it takes you to the web where you can download music,film,photos etc, so it must have a built in "thingmy" that allows you to download.This guys laptop didn't seem to have the built in "thingmy". Where would you look for it on his computer and
does it need to be activated before you can download?
thanks in advance

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Internet Explorer Or Is It Google "downloader"?

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