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ImLostAgain | 22:48 Wed 15th May 2019 | Technology
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Can you listen to books on a Kindle fire without having an Audible account?


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If you want to listen to books from Audible then, unsurprisingly, you'll need an account.

However many classic titles are available for free elsewhere.
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Hi Buenchico, the reason I ask is I've bought one of my grandchildren a Kindle and one of his friends has told him you can get free, or at least cheap books and pay for audio book by book. So no Audible account?
Another place to borrow ebooks & eaudio is the public library.
They use 2 services.
Also Press reader has a selection of newspapers and magazines that can be enabled to be spoken

Well worth a look as it is all free to use. 10 books for 21 days loans.
I can't find anything about it on the page devoted to accessing Audible content on a Kindle Fire:

However these is a glimmer of hope on the FAQs page:
(If that link doesn't work, go here , scroll to the foot of the page and click on 'Help').

Click on 'How do I buy audiobooks on an iOS device?'. (Yes, I know that a Kindle Fire isn't an iOS device but stick with it anyway).

That allows you to access a new link, labelled 'Purchasing from the mobile website'. There you can see how to download books via a web browser, rather than through the Audible app. The instructions conclude with this:
"Scroll down the page of your audiobook and tap either Buy With 1 Credit or Buy for £X.XX"

So that, contrary to everything else on the Audible site, suggests that it is possible to purchase books without using Audible credits (for which you need an account). However you'll probably still need the app to actually play the recordings.
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Ok, thanks for that. I've been on to his mother this morning with your descriptions. I'm not sure I know what she is talking about or even if I heard it correctly but she/he seems to be doing it this way. They tap on 'Books' > Kindle book deals. They choose a book and > 'choose now for (whatever price) then they choose 'add audible' for (I think, about £3-4). This seems a lot to me but as I say I may have mis-heard or I may just not understand. I asked if they have an Audible account and she seems to be sure they don't. It's all way beyond me but I'm popping around later so I'll see if I've picked it up correctly.
Thanks for that. It took me a while to work out that they're starting from the Amazon website, not the Audible one!

Search Google for 'kindle book deals'. That will give you links to daily deals, monthly deals and so on. You'll then find a filtering system down the left hand side, which includes a box marked 'eBooks with Audible Narration'.

From there, clicking on a title offers an 'Audiobook' option but it's likely that you'll see it shown as '£0.00, Free with Audible trial'. You then need to click on that box to bring up the cash price in another panel on the right. However I still can't get really cheap prices via that route. (A random title I've just tried is priced at £1.99 for the Kindle edition but at £12.24 for the audio version).

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