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Hopkirk | 18:36 Wed 15th May 2019 | Technology
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Do Apple keep making old versions even when new ones are out?

Several retailers are still selling iPhone 6s, even though they are up to ten.


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The Apple UK website is currently offering the iPhone Xr, the iPhone Xs, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7 available for direct purchase, with the iPhone 6 shown as 'available at authorised resellers'.
If Apple only sold the latest version, then it will cost everyone who want an iphone about £800.
Whereas a iphone 6s can still be bought for £299.
It would be a marketing disaster to only sell the latest model. Not everyone can afford the top of the range phone and not everyone wants the latest, biggest and fastest.
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'er indoors wants a new iPhone but our budget is restricted.

I thought about getting her a 6 for Christmas, but worry it might not be available later in the year.
Have you thought about getting a refurbished one? My son bought me a refurbished iPhone 6 for Christmas and there’s nothing wrong with it, you can get different grades.

Bought an iPhone 6S Plus from Argos. mail order about 6 weeks ago
£350. very pleased with it.
Apple no longer produce the Iphone 6 .. some retailers still hold stock though. It seems some of the last ones had problems with the cameras.
May well be time to move on to a more up to date alternative, or possibly search for a good secondhand model.
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'er indoors have a second hand refurbished one? My life wouldn't be worth living.

Hopkirk, how would she know?
I have had two Apple Iphones. 5 and 6. Both a crock of ***e.. Over priced and over rated. I will happily go back to Samsung. The battery endurance on Iphones is useless.
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Baldric's, she would know.

I agree, Retro. For me I have budget Moto G phones which are brilliant. 'er indoors is not of the same mind.

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