How To Increase Production Efficiency With Augmented Reality?

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space88 | 08:55 Thu 02nd May 2019 | Technology
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Existing solutions already cover many areas: tools for automating processes and increasing productivity, training employees, reducing production waste, improving the efficiency of logistics processes, and ensuring occupational safety.
But all managers are concerned about the same question, how effective is it, and is it really worth to introduce innovative technologies ( AR, VR , AI ) into production?


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This is clearly course work - which I dont envy
You are better off reading your course materials as there will be a body of knowledge they will want in the answer.

Having re read the question, they have listed a variety of things designed to increase productivity, and you can examine whether they have worked

and then he lists a few of the future - think of some more and given the information about have they worked in the pastm whether it is likely to work in the future

last para a conclusion of which - try them all and wait and see may be the optimising option ( most likely to succeed with minimum operating losses)

I think

god they have tedious college work these days ....
Computer Weekly regularly have articles on this topic. I recommend you check them out.

First time poster, I'm waiting for the advert ;o)
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How To Increase Production Efficiency With Augmented Reality?

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