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horseshoes | 14:27 Thu 04th Apr 2019 | Technology
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I need to print on of my emails but don't know how. There are 3 little dots top right where I would have expected to see PRINT, but its not there. So how do I do it please. I'm using a Samsung tablet.



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File - print
Right click on the email then press print when that option appears? Works for me.
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Maggiebee i'm on a tablet so can't right click.
Khandro, there's nowhere that says FILE.

Top right, there are 3 little dots (placed vertically). When I look there, I would have expected to see PRINT, but all that's there is....

I'm completely at a loss!

Have you tried moving the email to another folder and then printing?
what email platform are you using (Gmail / Outlook /Hotmail etc)?
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Calmck, just tried, doesn't work either.
I may have misunderstood you but just in case - the three dots you need to click are within the reading panel of the email.
Is your printer wireless?

Have you setup the tablet to work with the printer?
Are you sure you're actually in an email and not just looking at your inbox. In Gmail, the print button is a little printer icon, at the top of the email page.
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The 3 dots are on the bar across the top, not actually in the e-mail

Yes, my printer is wireless and yes its linked to the tablet. I only evwe print out postage labels for eBay and that has a PRINT instruction so no priblems there.

Yes I'm definitely in the e-mail.
Again, what email platform are you using?
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There's no printer icon there at all.
Jesus. This is hard.
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Sorry Zacs. Im not sure what you mean by email platform. My email address is a address. The icon for emails on my tablet is an envelope with a red seal and a @ symbol in the middle.
I suspect this answer (found on a BT forum) may be what you need to do:

Unless you have a very good reason not to, I would recommend that you use an email client on your PC, such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird. Most operating systems some with one, and there are other free ones to download.
That way, the mail client downloads all the mails onto your PC. You can back them up, so you don't lose them, and you can print them to your heart's content.
You don't have to change your email address. Just program the account details into the client, and it fetches all the emails for you. This page has the details you need for many of the common clients
I have Yahoo and BT email addresses. Both of them have a Print icon or just the word on them, somewhere, but I find that the typefaces are quite small on the printouts when I do it directly from the email message. This is my alternative printing method:
1. call up Snipping Tool.
2. drag the Snipping Tool around the message.
3. when the message is surrounded by the Snipping Tool's border, left-click on File, then Save As. Give the 'snip' (as it's called) a name, then it goes into Pictures file.
4. I can then print the email from the Pictures file.
In the actual email at the top right is there a left pointing arrow with three little dot to the right. If so press these dots.
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Zacs and bookbinder, those answers have lost me I'm afraid!

Calmck there are 3 dots but as I've listed above, the instruction to print is not there.
Have you tried looking in 'Settings'?
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Hooray, I've solved the problem. not ideal but it will do.

I took a screenshot of the e-mail and printed it out from the Gallery. Bookbinder gave me the idea although didn't understand what was meant by snipping tool.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who kindly replied to me. let's just hope I don't need to print more emails,

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