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woodelf | 15:52 Tue 02nd Apr 2019 | Technology
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I couldn't find a decent talking calculator on Amazon, but I find that Windows 10 has got a calculator, so if I use it together with my screen reader, then I'll be fine...except that I don't know how the calculator works anyhow!...anyone know of a W10 guide anywhere within itself? Ta Muchly.


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Not sure, but this might help you

Talking calculators seem very expensive. Are you able to read braille, woodelf?
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Many Thanks Alice o call y Sak - I managed to get the vid to work, but it was very visual, as you would expect or I should have done - yes Spath, I can read braille - what "delights" have I missed?
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Sorry about that Alice - or can I call you Slack?...that's all it was really!
Woodelf after a quick look online it seems calculators that talk are quite expensive. I would suggest to get a braille calculator? They seem cheaper but still a bit pricey.

Maybe you are best using the computer one with a screen reader.

If you go to the windows start button and start typing calculator the app will appear and you can click on this.

Then it will pop open a new aplication window.

That is as simple as it is to get the calculator open

I'm not sure how well it will work with your reader, but the calculator itself works like any other.

Good luck i hope that is some kind of help

"Sorry about that Alice - or can I call you Slack?"

You can call me whatever you want, I've got a thick skin ☺☺☺

I know the vid is very visual and therefore didn't know if it was suitable for you.
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Apologies to you both Spath and Alice. I've found a talking calculator at RNIB's shop. Put me off at first by stating 8-digit calc, when there are at least more than eight, but looing at the manual online, it was explained more clearly - and at a good price too - so I'll have a good read and go from there. Thanks again Both.
Don't be sorry wood elf it sounds like you found a cost effective, perfect item. Well done.
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Ha!...true to form, I'm an idiot! Of course, it's the display which is 8 digits, not's a mystery why they let me out!...anyway, it gave some a smile and others a shake of the head in disbelief. Still, onwards to the next piece of idiocy!
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