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jackthehat | 15:26 Fri 22nd Mar 2019 | Technology
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I occasionally need to send a copy of an Architectural Drawing to a client.
I produce these at a like for like (CAD to PDF) size of A1 for Planners, Builders, etc.
I am reluctant, however, to send them to the client because, in the past, a couple of them have used the plans and not paid for them.

How can I produce a thumbnail PDF so that the client can see enough detail to be sure I have carried out the work.......but they can't print it out to their advantage?


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You can 'lock' a pdf to prevent it being printed:

Or save your original CAD as a low res jpeg?
open it, press print screen, go into paint, paste, cut the bit you want, create a new doc (answer no to "you you want to save"), then paste then use resize to get the size you want. Save as JPG and you're done.
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Thanks, both.

I decided on the small, low res. jpeg route.
Never rely on "locking" or "securing" PDFs as this is trivial to bypass in software. Similarly, don't try to watermark or cover sensitive sections as it's usually done in a way that can be reversed with a basic PDF editor.

I'd downscale to a low-res jpg. And as an added measure use the resize tool a bit to skew it so the outline is correct and it appears right but the dimensions will be a bit off. Also do a hard watermark of your logo in the same colour across it.

(jackthehat - since you're an expert on similar matters, I'd love it if you could take a look at my recent question).

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Thumbnail Pdfs

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