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diddlydo | 00:14 Mon 25th Feb 2019 | Technology
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Recently I became aware that emails sent to me from a regular friend were not arriving - not via the BT site using Chrome, not via Mozilla Thunderbird, not via gmail on my tablet. When I accessed the BT site via IE (which I rarely/never use as it's so slow) they were all in Spam!!! How can this happen and what can I do about it as it's more than annoying? Emails from loads of other people were arriving normally via all routes.


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Something inside one of the emails will have set the internal alarms off and triggered the spam filter.

All email systems have the facility to 'whitelist' email addresses from people you trust, then this shouldn't happen again.
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But why should using a different browser get the emails "spammed" by the BT server? When you say "something in the emails" - do you mean the content? I can assure you that there was absolutely nothing dodgy in the emails!
Maybe the sending server address.

Browser can't affect spam. Only email servers and clients check that ( or some AVs.) Sounds like the BT server is doing it. Must be something it's triggering on.
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I've had literally hundreds of emails over the years from this particular person's email address and had never before had any spammed.

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