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donny48 | 10:02 Wed 20th Feb 2019 | Technology
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I get the following message appear on a regular basis, any ideas on how to stop it ?
The e-mail service is eMClient,
It's not really important but rather annoying.


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Email clients have a nasty habit of losing/screwing up the information they need to connect to SMTP and IMAP (or POP3) servers. Outlook and Outlook Express are notorious for it but the problem seems to affect all email clients to some extent.

The solution is usually very simple:
Completely delete the troublesome email account within the client's settings.
Close the email client. (I'd also reboot the computer but it's probably not really necessary).
Then recreate the account.
(Don't worry. It's a perfectly safe thing to do. You're only deleting the settings, not any actual mail, so all of your existing emails will remain in place).
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Thank you Chris, I will try it using your advice when I return this evening.

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