Ee Sim Only To Monthly Contract Procedure

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WELSHYORKIE | 00:34 Tue 12th Feb 2019 | Technology
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My other half is changing from a Sim only deal on EE to a monthly contract on EE through Carphone Warehouse, Carphone Warehouse said that she would need to cancel the Sim only contract and get a pac code to keep the same number. When she rang EE to ask for a pac code the 'customer relations operative' said that it is not possible for her to keep the same number. I find that extremely hard to believe as my son did the exact opposite and had no problem keeping the same number. Anybody have any experience of this? TIA for any help.


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I may be missing something here but if you are changing from one EE plan to another EE plan why involve Carphone Warehouse?

EE can upgrade a SIM Only plan to a Pay Monthly plan with no need for a new SIM, therefore no PAC would be required.
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AB - the deal was an 'online only' deal which EE couldn't match either in the shop or online. I took the same deal but I'm moving from O2 so don't have a problem. I should also have said that the deal is involving new phones with nano sims not the standard sims we currently have
When trying to obtain a pac code, i'm sure it's only possible when you switch network.
For some reason, if you want to swap or upgrade your contract ,by doing it through a 3rd party, it's not possible to get a pac code. You'll be able to keep your number if you go straight to EE and deal with them, rather than go to carphone warehouse - but I'm assuming you won't be able to get the deal you're after.
If you can get a deal with carphone warehouse and get a deal on a different network to EE, then you'll be able to get a pac code and keep your number.
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Thanks, Giz
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The deal we got, which is ideal for us, was not available direct from EE.
No worries, she'll just change number but it's just a pain in the rear end trying to remember exactly who needs to be informed of the change.
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Went into the EE shop in town and they said that as we had moved to a contract with Carphone Warehouse we could not keep the number. Hmmm, punishment for not taking their more expensive equivalent, methinks.
Not the end of the world. Just text those people who matter.

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Ee Sim Only To Monthly Contract Procedure

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