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ummmm | 05:20 Wed 09th Jan 2019 | Technology
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I have a HP Pavilion, windows 10, less than a year old. I can't figure out how to find what programmes are running in the background. I only use it for basic internet stuff but OH has used it for football sites, which I assume has caused the problem. I have stupid ads that pop up, football scores, people who are lonely and want to be my friend!!!

Is there anymore info I should give?

I've done scans and apparently it's virus free.


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Ban OH from Laptop, tell him to get his own.
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Lol...he tends to use the Kindle and that never has a problem.

I'm not techie, I'm assuming he's watching football on not quite legit sites.

The laptop doesn't actually leave the living room so he's not using it for anything dodgy.
Try Ctrl_Alt_Del and pick Task manager from options given. This will show you Applications running and also what processes are running.

Click on the three dots top right … click on History. Clear history or at least clear cache when the options come up.
Ummm, my computer knowledge is zilch but I just wanted to say 'hello' to Andrew. He is my seventh favourite person in the world.
Download the free version of Malwarebytes

Let it clean anything it finds

Turn off System Restore/Protection


Run Malwarebytes again - if it comes back with nothing found, turn back on System Restore/Protection

If it finds something - let it clean it and repeat the subsequent steps.
Also only allow him a 'Guest' a/c without administrator access, and password your own a/c ☺☺☺
i'd be in danger of losing my fingers if i touched my wife's computer
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I have Malwarebytes...

I'll try the other suggestions. Thanks
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Andrew....How do I know which ones to delete? away :-)
Probably best leaving the services alone but the Applications are fair game. You can easily restart them again. The services may be needed by the PC to run.

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