Setting Up A New Television

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stanbesida | 16:22 Tue 08th Jan 2019 | Technology
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I have just purchased a new television and I am trying to set it up, I have a TalkTalk Freeview box and a TVonics DVR and I have managed to get them working through the television but I can't set the television itself up to make recordings.

The back of the television has 2 HDMI sockets an aerial IN socket and AV sockets and there is 1 HDMI socket and 2 scart sockets on the side. I have connected the aerial "IN" socket to the TVonics DVR and the aerial "OUT socket to the TalkTalk DVR, I have a lead going to the router, and an HDMI lead going to the television HDMI 1.

The TalkTalk DVR has an aerial lead from the TVonics DVR to the aerial "IN" but I haven't connected anything to the aerial "OUT" socket, I have a lead going to the router and an HDMI lead going to the television.

I am not very technically minded in fact I'm thick so any assistance will be grateful, The TalkTalk DVR and the TVonics DVR are working fine and they are both recording and playing back the recordings. The list on the television is Back AV, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3, YPbPr, (whatever that is), VGA/PC, and finally Wireless Display, and I play back the TVonics DVR on HDMI 1 and TalkTalk DVR on HDMI 2, but as I iterated, I cannot set the actual television up to do recordings etc.


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I'm confused.

TV sets don't usually contain any device (such as a hard drive) for recording programmes. If they do offer a recording facility it's usually to store programs on external media (such as a USB memory stick), rather than to record them within the TV set itself. So it's unclear as to exactly what it is that you're trying to do. However it would probably help if you could tell us the exact make and model of your TV set. (i.e. something like 'Sony Bravia' is insufficient here. We need something like 'Sony Bravia KD49XF7003'. The model number will be on the back of the set and on the box that it came in).

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Setting Up A New Television

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