Removing Contacts On "messenger"

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grandpajoe | 14:04 Mon 07th Jan 2019 | Technology
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Re "Messenger" I have lots of contacts on Messenger and some of I have never met or heard of. Is there a way to delete contacts because I've looked all over the app' and can't find anything to remove them?? Cheers Chris


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open FB on your PC, and open messenger from the L-H menu on your home page. on the messenger page, you should have a "conversation information" column to the right of the conversation column - if you haven't, click the blue "i" top RHS. click on the contact you want to remove; at the top of the R-H "conversation information" column is the contact name, next to a grey gearwheel. clicking on that brings up a dialogue box, one option of which is "delete". press that and you'll be asked to confirm delete of conversation. job done :-)
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Many thanks Mushroom I think I've cracked it. Took ages. There were contacts from 2005 !!

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Removing Contacts On "messenger"

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