Play Karaoke On My Tv

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zingo1327 | 19:37 Sun 23rd Dec 2018 | Technology
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I downloaded some karaoke songs to my computer but I can't get them to play on my TV.
As I recall the format was cdg (I think)and I used AVC video converter to convert to mp3 then tried mp4 but neither format worked. I loaded the songs on to a CD disk,a DVD disk and finally to a usb stick all which were incompatable.The songs play fine on my computer which runs windows XP.
Do I need a karaoke machine or is there some way round my problem?
thank you in advance and Merry Christmas when it comes
ps. i don't have a smart TV


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You need to find out what format your DVD player will play. Usually mpeg2 is a good bet x

Let me know if that doesn't work x
Hdmi lead from pc to tv?
If it plays fine on your laptop, then you just need to find some way of connecting your laptop to your TV.
How old is your TV and laptop??
If they're both quite new ish, then they should both have HDMI sockets, so you'll just need a HDMI lead.
Older models may require an RS232 lead .... you just need to figure out what lead you'll need.

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Play Karaoke On My Tv

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