Samsung Android Not Registered On Network

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smurfchops | 16:53 Thu 06th Dec 2018 | Technology
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Changed my password to use someone else's wifi today, now I am home and wifi has switched back to my network. Internet seems fine. However every time I try to make a phone call it says Not Registered on Network. What can I do??


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Wifi and phone calls are not connected in any way, so it's probably a coincidence. The message you are getting is telling you that the phone is not registered on your provider's phone network. This could be a problem with your provider, but one thing to try is:
Shut the phone down completely.
Remove the SIM and wipe the contacts.
Re-insert the SIM and restart the phone.
After the phone restarts you should see a SIM symbol appear briefly on the status bar at top right.
This should then be replaced by the name of your provider.
Are you with O2? It's been reported on Sky News that there is a problem.
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Just rang Tesco Mobile, apparently they have had a problem all day.... Thanks folks x
Tesco mobile "piggybacks" the O2 network, which has had problems all day ..... I'm also having problems and I'm with Giffgaff.

Full list of which company uses which network:
If you are using WiFi then the O2 (Tesco) mobile data network ought not be an issue. Turn off data and try WiFi again ?

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Samsung Android Not Registered On Network

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