Epson & Canon A3+ printers and paper

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russdesign | 21:52 Tue 08th Nov 2005 | Technology
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I'm considering changing my Epson SC1160 A3+ printer for one that uses individual colour inks, as it will work out cheaper for me.

Bearing in mind what I've heard about the Epson SmartChip system that their printers now use (and how it tells the printer the cartridge is empty when it isn't), I'm thinking of going for the Canon i9950. But, will all my current Epson paper stocks (esp Photo Glossy) work with the Canon?

HP Photo Glossy paper doesn't work in my SC1160, for example.


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hi russ, i actually dont know the answer to your question, but if you havent bought a printer yet have you looked at the Epson Stylus Photo 2400? We have just bought one of these not long ago, it has individual inks and is also an A3 printer, as far as I know this one works with all photo glossy papers (in the print properties it list some papers then there is an option for 'other photo paper'
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Thanks aka pixi - that was the other printer I was considering.

But does the SmartChip system the R2400 uses give you accurate ink levels through the Epson Printer Utility, or are the carts transparent, so you can physically see if the software's lying or not?

BTW, I've found out that Canon and Epson use a different inkjet technology to HP, so this may have explained the poor HP paper performance in my Epson printer....
hi russ, sorry about not getting back to you, I didnt realise that you had answered me. I dont think the cart is transparent, but the inks seem to last quite a while (and mr pixi prints quite a few photos out) When the ink gets down to about 20% an onscreen warning comes up when using the printer, and also a light flashes inside the printer above whichever ink is running low. Mr pixi thought long and hard before buying the printer and looked at others of a similar price first. He is really pleased with its performance and it looks good too.
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Thanks aka pixi! I'll try and find a stockist to see the R2400 in action alongside the i9950, before I decide which one to go for. Thanks for your advice.

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Epson & Canon A3+ printers and paper

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