How Do I Get The Top Taskbar Back On My Computer?

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AndiFlatland | 14:56 Wed 28th Nov 2018 | Technology
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Earlier today, in a few idle moments, I was messing about with settings on my ancient and not-so-trusty computer (Windows 7). I opened the 'View' tab, and clicked on toolbars, then on the tick next to the word. The top toolbar immediately vanished off the top of the screen. Now I can't find the way to get it back again. I've looked everywhere I can think of. HELP!!


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If you've accidentally gone into full-screen mode in your browser, press F11 to get back to where you were. (If that doesn't help, simply press F11 again to undo what you've just done).

If that's not done the trick, RIGHT-click at the top of your screen to seek an option to fix your problem. (Since you've not mentioned which browser you're using or, indeed, whether you're actually referring to a browser rather than to some other software, such as Word, it's not possible to be more specific here).
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Ah yes, thanks Buenchico, that last option did it! Got all the tabs back now.
For the record, I'm using a Windows 7 ex-internet cafe computer, with Mozilla Firefox as my browser, given to me when the shop closed a few years ago, so I have no user manual.
>>> "I'm using a Windows 7 [secondhand] computer, with Mozilla Firefox as my browser"

All the best people are, Andi ;-)

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How Do I Get The Top Taskbar Back On My Computer?

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