Problem With Ebay & Kindle App On Android -Error 907

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countrykid | 20:29 Mon 26th Nov 2018 | Technology
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My partners phone is Moto G6 Play (Oreo 8.0). All is fine except she is having problem opening Ebay or Amazon Kindle app. Both give an error 907 message and wont open. Thinking I was doing "the right thing" I uninstalled Ebay and presumed I could reinstall it and all would be good, Problem is Ebay app will not now install. We have tried powering down but no joy

I've googled for an answer and found plenty of threads with others experiencing this at some point, but suggested solutions have not worked. Clearing the cache etc. There was something about doing a "forced stop" but I think that's only if the app is actually installed, which Ebay no longer is. Help please!!!


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'Error 907' seems to be related to a problem with Google Play Store, so if you're going to try a 'forced stop', it's that which you need to do it with, not the eBay app. (If Google Play Store has a problem you can end up with an error message whenever it tries to update an app, which could explain why you were seeing the message across more than one app).

Have you tried everything here?
(That's a site which I've often found to be particularly useful)
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Thanks Buenchico. I replied earlier via my phone but doesn't seemed to have come through! I'll take a proper look at the link tomorrow but had a quick look. The first suggestion talks about if Google Play Store is saved to SD card and to go via Settings>Storage and to "unmount" the SD card. Firstly, I didn't think it was possible to save Google apps to the SD card, but either way, on her phone and my moto G5 I cannot see the option to unmount the sd card.
I'll go through all the suggestion though tomorrow and report back. Thanks for your help.
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Hi Buenchico,

I have now tried all the suggestions re Tom's Guide with no success sadly. I did not find any option to "unmount" the SD card but I suspect I've done what amounts to the same thing. I went into settings>storage>SD Card and clicked on the three dots and selected Eject SD Card. The only think that had been on it was the Kindle App and I moved that first to internal storage.
I went into Settings>Apps>Goggle Play Store>Clear Cache and Clear Data, powered down the phone, restarted. I then opened Google Play Store, selected Ebay and as before it began downloading (29.04Mb). It reached 100% and began downloading (29.04Mb), but when it reached 29.04Mb it just carried on downloading to reach 135% and then came up with the error message that Google Play cannot download this app and gave error code 963. Needless to say this is driving us mad. At the moment it is just affecting Ebay and Amazon Kindle. No idea what to do next. The phone itself is working fine and I'm sure even John Lewis where it came from would not be able to help - as they'd say the phone isn't faulty, it's a software/third party problem. Right now it's our problem. The Ebay app is used alot so we really want to sort this. It can't be rocket science, but it seems like it is. I have a lot of patience, and never want to give up, but............this is testing me!!!!!! Can you or anyone on AB suggest other possible "fixes" please
Sign into your Google account and then contact Google Play support:
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Update: I'm ready to throw phone at a brick wall. The same wall I've hit each time I've tried doing what is suggested on Google Support pages. I'll report more later, after have had a lie down in darkened room!! Joking aside, I've spent ALL day trying to resolve the problem - which has got worse as it won't download any apps, and still won't update existing ones. I've said on AB before, I'm not that tech savvie, but I am learning!!! I won't give up!!
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Further Update: Problem continued/got worse. Camera stopped working - error message to restart camera when taking a photo. Restart made no difference. Rang John Lewis tech support. Guy said it appeared I done all the checks he could have suggested, said phone would have to go away for possible repair - 7/10 days. Decided to drive 15 miles to John Lewis store to see if they'd replace it - purchased Sept 8th this year. In the event a tech guy at the store suggested doing a factory reset - he would first back up all on the phone to Google Drive. Following this reset the problem appeared to have been resolved. Apps began reinstalling from Drive. Yippee!! Camera was again working. Later I discovered Whatsapp had not been backed up at John Lewis, so it reinstalled from the last back up a few days earlier. A few messages were this lost but at least the phone itself was up and running. Neitheer the guy or us can explain what the cause was - just software issues - "one component not talking to another one" in simple terms. Hopefully now the problem will not resurface. Thanks Buenchico for your suggestions and links
Thanks for the update.

A factory reset would have also been my 'last resort' measure but I didn't want to be responsible for you losing any data!
What you may try is reverting the Google Play Store app to the default version. Maybe the update was downloaded improperly (e.g. your device got cut off from the internet for a moment without you being aware of that). You can do it, by following the steps mentioned below:

1. Go to Settings and tap on Application Manager/Apps;
2. Tap on Google Play Store, and select Uninstall updates;
3. Tap on OK to confirm;
4. Open the Google Play Store app;
5. After the updates have been uninstalled, you may try to install them again (optional).

One more thing you can try is wiping the cache partition via the recovery mode, in the following way:

1. Power off the device. If you can't do that using the power button, just remove the battery and insert it after 10 seconds.

2. Press and hold the Volume (+) up and the Power (Sleep/Wake) buttons. Once your device turns on, let go of the buttons.
* If you use a Samsung device, press the Power (Sleep/Wake), Volume (+) up and Home button.

3. Press the Volume up or Volume down key to navigate through the options. Highlight the Wipe cache partition then press the Power (Sleep/Wake) key to make the selection.

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Problem With Ebay & Kindle App On Android -Error 907

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