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dicmor | 15:00 Tue 16th Oct 2018 | Technology
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I have a Lenovo laptop and for several years I have been logging on by means of eye identification. I am 75 years old and very forgetful. If the eye identification fails I would need to use my password. Unfortunately so many years passed I cannot remember my password. I cannot find am email address for Lenovo. Can anyone please know of some way to retrieve a forgotten password PLEASE


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Lenovo's UK support phone number is 0333-777-3991. Lines are open from 0900 to 1800, Monday to Friday. Calls are charged at the same rate as 01 & 02 numbers, from both landlines and mobiles. (That might well mean that the call will be free to you if, say, you've got a mobile plan which gives you free minutes).

There might be additional support options shown via this link but, because you have to enter your laptop's serial number, I can't see them myself:

However if the password you're seeking is a Windows one it's unlikely that Lenovo will be able to access it anyway. You'd need to use password-cracking software, loaded onto a USB stick, in order to find it. Any decent computer technician should be able to do the job. (It can be done yourself but you need to be technically-minded, as it involves things like BIOS settings and ISO images, which can take a bit of getting to grips with for a novice).
you cannot retrieve the PW. You can get cracking software as chico says. Alternatively you could copy all your files to a memory stick and then re install the OS from scratch. If you have the OS disc you'll probably also have the option to restore to factory settings and retain user files. If not Buy a new download version for a about a fiver and create a boot disc/USB, modify the BIOS to boot from said disc/USB and choose the option to reset and retain user files. Sorry, bit of a faff, but if it was easy passwords would be pointless.
Am I being silly - surely if you don't have your password you can't get to any of your files to put them on a memory stick, nor anything else?
I meant by removing the drive and reading it outside the PC which is what you'd have to do to get the files off.
Anyway he still has access for now, so he can extract the files and reset before it becomes necessary to remember the PW.
actually dicmor, as you can still log in using your eye, can you not go to the security options in control panel and reset the PW anyway?? It may deem that your eye identification is enough the reset the PW without knowing it. Worth a try anyway.
I have just accidentally come across this YouTube video which instructs you how to reset a Windows password when you don't know the current one. Since you can currently get yourself into password status it seems that all you have to do is open a command-prompt window and then use the "net user" command to set the password (no need for the stopping the machine in mid-boot etc). It's worth giving it a try - you've nothing to lose as you still have your face-recognition system available to you.
Silly Billy - I forgot the link

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