Ridiculous Itunes Problem

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bainbrig | 15:48 Mon 15th Oct 2018 | Technology
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Well, I think it's ridiculous!

iTunes 12.8. Had a track on my desktop I wanted to incorporate into iTunes. Went to File / Add to library / desktop. Located track, clicked Open.

Ended up in the wrong place... (i.e. in another unrelated album).

Is there any way I can click and drag it out of there, or do I have to delete it, and start all over again. (Alright, it's only going to take 2 minutes, but I get fed up with iTunes not letting you do things you'd have thought should be simple).



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Interested in your comment about having 'right click enabled'. In an absurdly long time using Macs (1980s!) I haven't come across that function. Nearest I can get is setting-up my Logitech mouse, where you can assign certain options to the mouse's left, right, centre, buttons, etc.

Could you enlighten me about the enabling business? Never too old to learn...

Don't have my Mac in front of me (at work) but as I remember it is in System Preferences, Mouse. If you're using a mouse with a right hand button the system 'should' recognise it automatically but the 'secondary actions' section of the preferences should cover it
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Thanks Fitz, I think that applies if you're using a Mac mouse - I've always used Logitech (for no particular reason) and they come with their own set of options in "logitech control center" which lives on the bottom row of System Prefs.
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According to the Logitech section on this page Logitech centre should allow the set up of right click on the right button
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Yes, you CAN set up the mouse to right/left/centre click, or even have the scroll wheel clicking, too.

Way back in the 80s/90s, Macs only had one click, and after (blimey) 30+ years of single clicking, it comes hard.

I DO use option click (which gives the same submenu as right click), it’s just that it doesn’t come naturally!

I promise to use proper clicks in future.

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Ridiculous Itunes Problem

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