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ck1 | 08:46 Wed 03rd Oct 2018 | Technology
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I have an e-commerce site which offers a range of different products, all priced in GBP and dispatched from the UK. We've recently got approval to supply one product to Australia for which we need to dispatch from stock that will be held in Australia, sell in AUD at a higher price and also have shipping options for different territories. What will be the best way to organise this on our site - I can only think of a tab that takes customers to an page specific to Australia but this could be easily missed, and ideally we don't want potential customers to see all of the other products we offer that we are not able to supply.
Appreciate any suggestions!


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Is there a way for your site to detect if somebody is visiting from Australia?

Do you have a company that provides the back-end to your site or do you do it all?
My own instinct would be to set up a parallel website. e.g. if your current site is, register as a separate domain name. It's not expensive:

You'd have to pay for hosting that second site but, again, it shouldn't cost much. (Your existing provider might be able to offer you a discount for hosting both sites).

You could then set up your original website to detect traffic from Australian IP addresses, so that visitors from down under see a message such as this one:
"It looks like you're in Australia. To see our Australian website, with prices in AUD, please click HERE. (If you'd prefer to continue viewing our UK site though please click HERE)"

You could also add something (on your original site) to the shipping page, roughly along these lines:
"Please note that we don't ship products purchased from this site to Australia. However some of our products are available on our Australian website. Please click HERE to visit it"
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Tuvok, yes I do all the site stuff (although I'm not qualified in any sense, just figure it out as I go...hence the question!)
Buenchico, that sounds like a good option, I'm familiar with some websites that offer you a different page based on what country you're in so could be a good solution!
Thanks to you both!
Hey guys, i am running a small business in Manchester UK too and i want to make a website of my own just like that where i can sell my products and showcase my work. Basically i sell mobile phones and also provide electronic devices repair. A lot of my customers had already asked me if i had a website of my business. Now i think i am ready to make my own website. I have researched a lot on the internet and i think i can make a website of my own on wordpress, thanks to the many tutorials available on youtube. But recently i have come across an article whee they were offing to make free website for anyone. Now i am confused, why would anyone make a free website for someone see here revglue(.)com/blog-detail/13-setup-free-uk-mobile-comparison-website and tell me if this make any sense. Or please guide me about which webdesign company i should hire to make my business website. I have seen many designs and templetes and i am not sure what to choose and who to hire. If you think that this free company is good then i should give it a try.
I've used CMS Made Simple for a few websites. One of these sites I have hosted on a free hosting site.

There are add ons for commercial operations for CMSMS.

Another alternative is to use an all in one service (ie. domain name, hosting etc) such as GoDaddy or similar.

As afar as I know WordPress is more suited to blogs rather than websites.
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When I started my business I used wix to create the website, so much easier than wordpress (IMO) and a lot more user friendly, would certainly recommend taking a look before you embark on wordpress.

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Country Specific E-Commerce Site

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