Cant Get Printer To Print From Desktop Computer

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HongKongphooey | 19:14 Tue 02nd Oct 2018 | Technology
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We run a small business and we moved our office today back to our home to save on renting a separate office.
I have sucessfully set up our desktop computer in the spare room, its all working fine except when I go to print something it won't print. Made sure the leads are connected to the Desktop Computer hard drive, and tried switching it off and on again, but neither has had any effect. The computer recognises the printer because it is showing me the print queue, (at the moment there is 9 things in the queue) but in the print queue information it says error and it tells me printer is not responding. Its a Cannon MG4240
Any help appreiciated. By the way I am not that good with computers, I can email and save files but dont know much like kids


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Check the paper & ink. I know as much as you. ;)
Are the printer and desktop connected wireless or with leads? In fact is the set up the same as it was in the previous location, ie both places wireless or both places using leads?
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checked paper and ink, it is set up the same as before, their is a USB lead from the printer to the hard drive of the Desktop and of course the mains lead from the printer to the socket
You could try setting it up 'wireless' and see if that works. Shouldn't take long.
Have you tried deleting all the jobs in the queue and then sending a new job to print?
Have you tried the "home" button on the printer? It may be that after being unplugged and moved that it needs reminding?
Make sure that you have the USB lead from the computer plugged in to the correct hole on the printer.

A friend had a similar problem a couple of years ago and after trying a few things on his PC, I finally checked the lead to the printer. He'd managed to plug it into the wrong place. The printer end of the lead had a square(ish) plug and he'd managed to get it into (I think) the ethernet port on the printer. Once the lead was connected to the right hole the printing magic happened.
If my previous answer is wrong, you might also want to check and see how many printers appear to be installed on your PC.

In the past I have had a problem where a copy of the printer appeared as an installed device, with the copy being the default printer, even though it did not physically exist. I never did find out why it happened, but I suspect it was one of my children unplugging the printer at the PC end, printing from a laptop and then reconnecting the printer to the PC in a different USB port.

If that is the case, make the original printer your default printer and then delete the copy. In Win7 from the start menu, click on Control Panel, then on Hardware and Sound, and then on Devices and Printers. That will show the devices and printers your PC knows about, and if there are two identical printers (one might have a name that includes 'copy'), right click on thre one with a tick (indicates the default printer) and select Remove device from the pop-up menu, then right click on the remaining one and click on Set as default from the pop-up menu.
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Thanks Huderon, I will try that tomorrow :0)

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Cant Get Printer To Print From Desktop Computer

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