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ro2124 | 10:47 Sun 23rd Sep 2018 | Technology
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Come to the conclusion some of these so called web designers are totally clueless.
Especially when it comes to print, they don't seem to consider not everybody has perfect eyesight.

Some of the colour schemes you can hardly see the print
For example which kind of idiot would put very light grey writing on glaring white background, it's virtually impossible to see without massively magnifying it.

Isnt there a campaign somewhere on internet to bring back clear black letters?

bloody good idea but doubt they will take it up expect it's not trendy enough for them.

Some of the big boys like Facebook should also know better,. Like their symbols for messenger, etc black symbols on a dark blue background, can hardly see the bloody things.. yeah real smart and trendy, Mr Zuckerberg


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Apparently Black print with a yellow background is the best hing for people with poor eyesight, its what they use at the eye hospital next door to where I work.
>>Come to the conclusion some of these so called web designers are totally clueless.

If they are designing web sites then they are "web designers" not "so called web designers"

And if they have the skill to design web sites then they are not "totally clueless"
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Yeah well if you want to nitpick, how about "crappy webdesigners."
But expect that dont please you either.
Point was some sites are very difficult to read!

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