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zingo1327 | 13:10 Thu 13th Sep 2018 | Technology
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I've been unable to connect to the internet game server for the past 3 days. I can connect to and browse all other internet sites and have a good speed connection. Anyone else having this problem?


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I've just tried the link below (hope it's the one you meant?) on 4 browsers & all opened it ok -
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thanks for the input but it's the game server with internet hearts and internet chequers i normally play. Your link worked fine so maybe it's a problem with the server I use
Hi zingo - sorry I missed your reply.

Ok, if the next link below is the one you mean, then the individual games (I only tried Hearts & Checkers) *don't* seem to want to load.

I'd either keep trying every hour or so, or check the possible fixes on the support page -

Of course, that's only relevant *if* the 1st link in this post is the correct one. If it isn't (or is & the fixes don't work), come back to this thread to bump it to "Latest Posts" & other AB'ers will have a chance to help - if I'm still out with my guess at the site, perhaps you can tell us precisely where you're trying to get to?

Sorry I can't offer more assistance at the moment.
Togo - they're the links given in the link I posted - they show "Loading" but nothing else.
Hmm load OK here Lie In King. Perhaps Zingo needs to clear cache and check browser settings etc.
I click 'Play Free online' and it won't load either.
Not loading for me until I turned off "that-which-shall-not-be-named" - that sorted it.
Sorry zingo - just in case you don't know, I'm referring to an ad-blocker (which we *don't* use on AB, of course) - turn it off for those sites.
I just white listed it to see if it loaded. :))
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Hi Guys .Thanks for your help but the links say "loading" and nothing happens.Where I want to be is when I click "start" "all programs" "games" and select Internet hearts.
Togo may have a point but how do I clear "cache" and what does "check your browser settings" mean.Idiots guide please.
Something that puzzles me (I'm easily puzzled) is that I get messages saying my scratch drive is full but when I check it seems to be OK. ie The pie chart shows 22% used and 78% free space??
Firstly empty your recycle bin before (launching the browser is easiest) and the precise method to clear cache depends on which operating system you are using. W7, XP, W8, W10? You will find it in settings and clear browsing data in all those operating systems.

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