Dual Sim Phones

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Hopkirk | 20:46 Sat 25th Aug 2018 | Technology
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I often see dual SIM phones available.

My first question is why would someone want a phone with 2 SIMs?

Second question. If you saw one at a giveaway price, could you run it with just one SIM?


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One for the spouse and one for the lover?
20:58 Sat 25th Aug 2018

Most Dual sim card phones allow you to “turn off” a sim card in the system settings. ... Just put one sim in it. A dual Sim phone doesn't have to have two Sims to work.
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Thanks Balders.

Why would you want two SIMs though?

Maybe two different networks/numbers, One for Work, One for Leisure.
One for the spouse and one for the lover?

Now there's a thought ;o)
Business & Personal ?

As said @ 20:53
I had a dual SIM phone for work, saved carrying two phones.
Yes you can use a dual SIM with one SIM .

Probably; but I've just arrived home. I'll read the other replies after I've posted my correct one.

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Dual Sim Phones

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